Learn to paint

I have a number of online courses on Udemy which you can find here:
(Click on a link to find out more…)

Color Mixing
Learn the Secret of Successful Color Mixing for Painters
(How to get the color you want every time you paint!)

Watercolor painting for the complete beginner
Start here if you’ve always wanted to give watercolor painting a go!

Watercolor landscapes Part 1
Learn how to paint quick and easy landscapes that really capture the atmosphere of a scene.
The course is divided into four sections covering skies, backgrounds, foregrounds and trees.

Watercolor landscapes Part 2
Following on from Part 1 (above) I’ll show you how to successfully paint water and buildings and how to put people in your landscape.

Watercolor fast and loose
Learn how to loosen up and paint freestyle in the company of 7 professional watercolor masters!

Watercolor textures
Learn to paint all the common textures that you will need for any great watercolor painting!

Painting from photos
How to use your photos as inspiration for your creativity

Sketching secrets
Find out why a sketchbook is such a valuable tool for an artist, and start yours today! All the secrets revealed here!

Painting in Gouache
A beginners course in gouache. All you need to get going in this versatile medium!

Watercolor Christmas cards
Paint your own cards and learn some brilliant watercolor techniques along the way!


  1. I love your courses and told a friend about the 32-week watercolor class and he wants to buy it as a gift for his wife. I can’t find the link to send it to him. Is it still available?


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