Introducing… Nathan Fowkes and Marco Bucci

I’d like to introduce you to two of my favourite watercolour/gouache landscape sketchers who have inspired and helped me on my painting journey. So here’s two for the price of one! Both have worked on screen animation for the likes of Disney and other film companies, and yet both still also paint and sketch in the traditional “hands-on” way with brushes and paints. I have put them together here because they both paint in a similar manner with similar materials.

Nathan Fowkes

is a concept artist who has worked on some of the most iconic animated films of our time, including The Prince of Egypt, The Road to El Dorado, and The Legend of Tarzan. He has also worked in the video game industry. But in addition to his digital work, Nathan is also an accomplished traditional artist. He regularly posts his gouache and watercolour sketches on his Instagram page.

In 2019 Nathan Fowkes produced this excellent book which is a complete guide to sketching outdoors with watercolour and gouache. He covers all the major topics (materials, motif, light and value, edges and textures, colour etc..) in a friendly and understandable way and there are hundreds of examples of his paintings and step-by-step tutorials. There’s even a collection of his reference photos at the back in case you want to have a go!

Marco Bucci

I found Marco Bucci on Youtube (he has 758k YouTube subscribers) and really enjoy his slightly offbeat style. His videos are great and I learned a lot from them. He too works in a mixture of watercolour with gouache added.
Check out this video below if you are interested in painting outdoors! It is one of eight videos in his Sketchbook Painting Playlist

If these ways of painting inspire you and you want to learn more, then please take a look at my online courses on painting in gouache and sketching .

I hope this has been interesting. There is so many inspiring artists out there and I relish the opportunity of sharing them with you!
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