DIY – my new website!

I’m very excited to be able to share with you my new website and arty adventure!

For many years I have been searching for the perfect plein air easel – something lightweight, compact, easy to carry and yet functional. Many that I found online were great, but they were often very expensive! 

So I began experimenting with designs and ideas that I could make at home. I have limited carpentry experience, so I needed something that was easy to construct, using the minimum of hand-tools. 
One by one, over a period of several years I have made, refined and re-made dozens of easels, until now I believe I have the perfect ones – simple, smart and easy to make.

For a few years I made and sold the Pokitbox, but I became overwhelmed with orders and so decided that the best thing to do was to provide customers with the plans so that they could make their own.

This idea sparked this website, and I have added my other designs into the mix.

Each easel design that you will find on the website is the result of much deliberation, hard work and love.
​I believe that these are the best (and certainly the cheapest) easels anywhere.
I hope you enjoy making them and using them 🙂


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