My favourite Art Books – Urban Sketching

I don’t know about you but I have a lot of art books! I love them and refer to them often for ideas and help. But this Christmas I was given two that have really caught my attention. They are beautifully made and are absolutely full of inspiration. They are both on the same theme – Urban Sketching – but even if you are not a sketcher there is still much to be gained from getting a hold of a copy and enjoying it. They show artwork from hundreds of sketchers from around the world, each with his or her own unique way of painting and drawing. That alone is inspirational!

Check out my video below as I show you around them.

This is the first book, written and compiled in 2012.
Here’s a link to it on Amazon:
The Art of Urban Sketching

This is the second book, compiled in 2022
Here’s a link to it on Amazon:
The World of Urban Sketching

Let me show you these books in my video below:

Thanks for watching.
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And if you are interested in sketching, then take a look at my Sketchbook Secrets online course on Udemy.


  1. Hi John. The course is only available on Udemy, so that must have been where you bought it. You should be able to log in and get back to the course there. I’ll email you privately about this. Andy


  2. Hi Andy,
    I purchased from you at a promo discounted price a short course on sketching. It being just prior to Christmas. I went through the course quickly intending to do it properly when I had more time. Unfortunately, I can not find the course on my Mac.

    I then discover an another party, Udemy, is marketing the product but with no special offer. Please can you advise?

    Thank you.
    John Houghton


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