Running out of time

How to finish a plein air painting when you’ve run out of time and have to head home.

Here’s a short video that may just help you to stop overworking a painting.

It seems to me that it’s quite often that I don’t have time to finish a plein air painting.
I’m usually out and about with my wife, and even though she is very patient with me, there are times when I sense that I am rushing a painting so that I don’t keep her hanging around too much. Or at other times I just have a half hour or so of free time. Or the weather changes, or the mosquitoes start to bite or the flies are just plain annoying! The clouds thicken and the rain starts. A van parks in front of you and blocks the view. So many things can stop us finishing a picture outdoors.
So, what can we do when we are only half-way through and we have to stop? How can we make sure we have enough information down on the canvas before we pack-up and head home? And how can we complete the painting back at the house without overworking it and detailing it to death? How do we keep, it all fresh?

I hope this video may help you…

Running out of time

Thanks for watching.
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