Less is best

In the heat of the day

Sometimes the simplest paintings are the most powerful. On the other hand we can mess up a strong image by overworking it – that happens a lot!
In this video below I want to show you how I simplify a landscape painting almost to the point of abstraction, and yet I think it creates a more powerful statement.

I simplify the scene by first of all identifying the reason I want to paint it, (what is it about?) and then making everything else secondary to this goal. I then do some quick thumbnails in pencil and in colour to strengthen the composition and to further discover what the aim of the painting is. When we spend time doing this it really does strengthen the final picture. Finally I paint in three simple stages: drawing the composition, blocking in, and finally a few details. trying to hold back on the details is the hardest part, but you really don’t need many to make the painting work.
Enjoy the video!


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