Unusual Abstract Art

Who do you think painted this abstract piece of art? art by chimp


It is a delicate, vibrantly coloured work featuring daubs of violet, blue and yellow on paper, and it has just won a $10,000 (£6,450) prize in a competition that gathered 27,000 votes.
The technique, displayed in his untitled winning painting, is said to be unusual. The artist “paints only with his tongue. His unique approach and style, while a little unorthodox, results in beautiful pieces of art.”

The Humane Society Art Competition was judged by noted primate researcher and conservationist, Jane Goodall. The prize in the contest, sponsored by the Humane Society of the US will benefit Chimp Haven, a sanctuary in the US state of Louisiana.

Yes, you’ve probably guessed by now – the artist was a chimpanzee! He is called Brent.

Brent is a retired laboratory animal, and the Humane Society says he is protective of an elder companion, named Grandma, and “loves to laugh and play”.
“All of the art was beautiful and unique, just like chimpanzees,” Jane Goodall said, in a statement distributed by the Humane Society. She added, “it was difficult to choose.”

So, now you know. It doesn’t make my efforts at Abstract Art look so bad!
And here is a photo of Brent.



Sources: BBC website and The Telegraph  31st August 2013
photos: Associated Press


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