Painting the Figure with Annette Raff

Annette RaffFor the past fifteen years Annette has been teaching watercolour painting and has helped others discover this wonderful medium. Annette’s paintings are displayed in private collections throughout Australia and Europe. She has won many awards and has been feature Artist in Australian Artist Magazine. She paints a variety of subject matter, her main focus being to capture the play of light and shadow, eliminating all unnecessary detail to reveal the essence of her subject.

portrait 1She says, “There is nothing like the exhilaration I feel when watching intense pigments merge and flow across wet paper! I see beauty in the every day things around me and I paint them. The way the light falls across a surface or the colorful shadow patterns are more important then the subject itself. Simplicity and strong design is what makes a watercolor painting successful for me.”

portrait 2I have asked Annette if she will write a course on ‘Painting the Figure’ for and we look forward to developing this in the near future. Would you be interested?

Check out Annette’s work on her gallery.GirlinCafe

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